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Blend Gorgeous Looks with Dynamic Design with Puma Muse Trainers

One of the German label's flagship collections for women, Puma Muse mixes designer fashion and athletic performance into one seductively comfortable package. Designed to harmonise with elite athleisure outfits, but without sacrificing on the nuts and bolts, these women's trainers will suit urban explorers, style-conscious yoga fans, and anyone with a love of sporting fashion.

A Cult Trainer with the Seal of Approval from Fashion Icons

The Puma Muse has well and truly established itself as one of today's premier shoes for women who need to mix casual comfort with eye-catching style. The collection features collaborations with supermodel Cara Delavingne and the New York Ballet, challenging women to lace up their Muse trainers and achieve their dreams. And, as you'll realise when you slip these shoes on, Puma's technicians have come up with another stunning creation which feels as good as it looks.

Puma Muse Deliver Dynamic Colours and Total Comfort

Aside from the recommendation of Delavingne, plenty of features make the Puma Muse range stand out from the crowd. Firstly, their sock-like slip-on design makes them easy to pull on whenever the occasion demands. Cross-over straps around the heel and the upper add strength, while looking the part. The lightweight construction makes them feel almost as versatile as the ballet slippers that inspired them, and a combination of EVA midsoles and high-grip soles make Muse sneakers perfectly suited to urban adventures.

Make the Puma Muse a Mainstay of Your Casualwear Wardrobe

These shoes bridge the gap between designer athleisure fashion and the dance studio or gym, so you can wear them working out, or for trips to the shopping centre or the cinema. They can be combined with Puma's Selena Gomez leggings and tops for an all-round designer sportswear look, or with the label's Sue Tsai dresses for unforgettable festival ensembles. Either way, the Puma Muse will enhance anyone's smart-casual collection.

Choose the Ideal Puma Muse Trainers from Foot Locker's Catalogue

Puma Muse trainers come in a variety of colours, with pure white, soft pinks, wild multi-coloured designs, and versions with satin straps around the heel. So it's important to choose shoes that suit your wardrobe and personal style. And that's why shopping at Foot Locker makes perfect sense. With a wide range of Muse trainers on offer, sneaker fans will always find designs that fit their look perfectly.