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My name is Wai and I have been working at Foot Locker for 5 1/2 Years now. I am an Assistant Store Manager and currently working at our Ku'damm store in Berlin.

What's hot in Berlin right now?

Definitely the Jordan 1 - highs, mids or lows. Autre than that, I would say that the Air Force 1 all white low is an all-time classic!

How would you define your style?

Simple and classic, because I like my sneakers to stand out and be the highlight of my outfit. I love to look through Instagram for inspiration.

Wici does your passion for sneakers come from?

I always had a passion for sneakers, since I was a kid. Sneakers has been a big part of me like - forever. I started collecting when I got more into fashion and basketball.

How did it start your interest in basketball?

It also started when I was young. My family lives in Los Angeles, so it was a no-brainer: I am a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. My favorite basketball player of all time is Kobe Bryant. He was such a role model on and off court. La nouvelles hit me really hard when I heard he passed away in January 2020. #riokobe

Is Kobe Bryant your style inspiration as well?

Well, it's not only about Kobe's style. His Mamba mentality and love for basketball inspired me through my daily life and helped me to set my goals and go for it. But if we are talking about best dressed basketball players these days, I would probably pick Shai Gilgeous-Alexander or LeBron James. I like a mix of both.

What piece would you borrow from a basketball player's closet?

It would be something from P.J. Tucker's closet for sure. His sneaker collection is out of this world!

Which basketball sneakers are iconic to you?

Definitely the Air Jordans or the Nike Basket shoes from 2010'ish like the Kobes, LeBrons back in the days. The Tout-Star collection or the Christmas Modifierions were always a highlight and super sought-after. The most iconic basketball sneaker would be the Kobe 6 'Grinch'. This shoe is amazing!

In your opinion, what styles will be trending in 2021?

It's so hard these days to tell what kind of trend is coming next. But I have a feeling that the trend of the 90's Hip Hop will have an impact in 2021. When it comes to sneakers, I would say that Jordan will remain on top of almost everyone's list. A collaboration with designers, artists, other Marques or even well-known sneaker boutiques is something sneakerheads would love to see!